10th Area Command 
Ducit Amor Patriae

Capital, Upstate, Central, & Western, NY

The 10th Area Command, New York Guard, has a long history. Beginning as the 10th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment during the U.S. Civil War, the DUI of the 10th makes its journey until today. The 10th AC stretches from the upper Hudson River all the way north to the St. Lawrence Seaway and all the way west to Niagara Falls. With a strong engineering tradition, the 10th is an outstanding way to sever your state.

Due to our geographic size, the 10th is broken down into five detachments. The map below will assist you in finding where you will serve when you join the New York Guard.

10th Area Command Map

This is the Area of Operations for the 10th Area Command 
The 10th Area Command covers the vast majority of New York State. Please find your county above and identify which 10th Area Command Detachment that you would report to after joining the New York Guard.

3rd Detachment

The 3rd Detachment covers Central and the Western portion of Upstate New York. Soldiers of the 3rd drill at the National Guard armory in Syracuse. 

21st Detachment

The 21st Detachment covers the eastern half of Western New York. Soldiers of the 21st drill at the National Guard armory on Patriot Way in Rochester.

65th Detachment

The 65th Detachment covers the western half of Western New York. Soldiers of the 65th drill at the Masten Ave Armory in Buffalo.

10th Headquarters

Do you have what it takes to work on a headquarters staff? The 10th Headquarters is based in Auburn, New York. With our detachments spread out over most of NY, we travel often to meet with our soldiers.