The New York Guard is an all-volunteer force. A such we are unpaid during our monthly drills and one-week annual training, but we are paid when we work alongside the other New York military forces right here in New York. The members of the New York Guard serve because they love our state, they love our country and they want to help their fellow citizens in times of great need.

Veterans are welcome to join the New York Guard. Your service with us, as a state level force, will not impact your retirement. You can put your uniform back on and serve without ever leaving NY State! Your prior experience will help our non-prior service members too.

If you’re someone that doesn’t have prior military experience, we’ll train you. We need members from all walks of life to serve in logistics, communications, and administration. If you’ve dreamed of serving in the military, but haven’t yet, we may be your way to get into the uniform. Regardless of whether or not you’ve served before, we will train you in the skills that you need.

Area Command Map

The New York Guard is broken down into three Area Commands that cover the State of New York

If you live in one of the counties on this map, this is the area command you would report to.