What We Do

The New York Guard is entirely focused on state level Domestic Operations (DOMOPS). Thus we are a service that is 100% focused on helping citizens during emergencies and natural disasters throughout New York State. Join us and learn multiple skills that are also in high demand in the civilian world!

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What We Train Our Soldiers To Do

  • Military Emergency Management

  • Incident Command Structure

  • Emergency Computer Operations

  • Public Affairs

  • Military Radio and Telephone Ops

  • Forklift and Warehouse Ops

  • Debris Clearance 

  • Flood Preparation and Management

  • Chainsaw

  • Skidsteer

  • Medic (through Civilian EMT certs)

  • Food Preparation

  • Points of Distribution

  • General Military Support

  • Military Leadership

  • Military Drill and Ceremony

  • Interoperability with the National Guard